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Can you justify the score you give a candidate in a test?

Are you confident about the scores you give to candidates when they complete a survey, questionnaire or exam?

Can you justify the score you give a candidate?

Do you know if the independent markers, marking guide and inter-rater reliability can justify a candidate’s score in a high-stakes exam?

Well, if you are questioning your response, perhaps you need to think again about the possibility that it might not be.

EPEC has evidenced that sound psychometric analyses need to be undertaken to ensure you are able to provide sound empirical evidence that the score a candidate received on an exam paper is a true indication of their ability.

EPEC specialises in Classical Test Theory (CTT), Rasch, Item Response Theory (IRT) and is also exclusively able to utilise the new measurement paradigm, Option Probability Theory (OPT) to provide you with detailed, reliable and sound analyses to ensure you are scoring, and ranking your job applicants and testing candidates appropriately.

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