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Struggling with math? We can help!

“The toughest question of all: why is Australia falling behind in maths?”

– The Sydney Morning Herald; July 26, 2015

Numeracy levels of Australian teenagers show that 4 out of 10 lack ‘baseline’ maths skills (PISA, 2012).

Why? Because they do not understand the basics!

From expert knowledge, research and more than 30 years' experience, we have developed a Functional Mathematics test to specifically diagnose strengths and weaknesses in the basic elements of math in order to provide guidance for future learning directions!

We are convinced, that unless the basics are well understood, mathematics can remain unintelligible and perceived as 'difficult' for years.

Our Functional Mathematics test is a diagnostic test which means that rather than simply comparing scores with others, the test also assesses your strengths and weaknesses, with detailed, specific and individualised feedback. The test contains multiple-choice questions, where the incorrect answer options represent typical misconceptions.

The test is available online, on-demand, and as well as getting feedback on your performance in a personalised report, we also provide you with an indication of how realistic you are in regard to your knowledge.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us to find out more at OR online at

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