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Are you maximising your employees' opportunity to realise their potential?

As we know, there is a greater transparency in today's job market due to the ever evolving world of technology and increased integration of the market with social media. Thus, the emerging workforce who possess exceptional skills and are in high demand have the opportunity to sift through employment options and select the most appealing.

We can still remember the 1997 McKinsey study, who coined the 'war for talent' phrase, and since then, in December 2013, Josh Bersin (Bersin by Deloitte) suggested that the war has ended, and talent has won.

Not only do organisations now need to seek out to identify the best talent, they need to attract such talent through responding to what today's employees demand, and retain them in order to gain or maintain that competitive advantage.

Organisations who often outperform competitors are evidenced to have a strong, ingrained learning culture as well as the realisation that they need to invest in identifying the potential skills of their employees.

Through utilising psychometric assessment, front line screening of talent can be undertaken to identify which employees may fit your organisation, and may have the potential to grow as the organisation evolves. It may give you the opportunity to ultimately generate a higher NPS and to increase revenue, your competitive advantage and the employee value proposition to become an employer of choice and attract the ideal candidates in the future.

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