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Do you know how many questions you need to have for a test to be reliable?

How reliable is your test?

Often candidates will suggest that there were too many questions in a test, most of which were too hard or easy, or that many of the questions were not relevant to the construct being assessed.

The key to developing effective and efficient tests, questionnaires and/or exams is to include well-targeted questions, which can highlight knowledge gaps in the target population group.

If you include, say, 30 questions in a test, which are well-targeted to the population group, it is likely you will attain a more accurate and reliable candidate ability estimate than if you are using 100 questions which are off-target to the population abilities, or the construct being assessed.

Moreover, if you are considering a more robust method for assessing candidates with fewer questions, implementing computer-adaptive testing (CAT) may be your answer. This method allows you to use an item bank with many questions, where the computer will administer the most targeted questions separately for each individual candidate to ensure measurement precision and efficiency.

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